May 14, 2021

Amex Platinum cardholders now get phone damage and theft protection, but there’s a lot of fine print

American Express credit cards are known for its high bar of entry and exceptional service with all sorts of programs and rewards to take advantage of. Now, some cardholders are able to add one more benefit to the list: cellphone insurance.

The Cell Phone Protection program began at the start of the month and automatically covers devices that are listed on a prior month’s wireless bill paid with an eligible card account — no need to enroll. For up to two claims per 12-month period, Amex will reimburse the cost to repair damage to or a replace a stolen device of up to $800 with a $50 deductible. If you’ve already purchased insurance for your device, this coverage can serve to fill any donut holes left behind.

There are quite a few exceptions, though. Coverage of theft requires that a police report be filed within 48 hours of the incident. Devices that have been leased, bought for business use, or that are controlled by fleet managers are also excluded. Customers of prepaid carriers are also out of luck here. Most egregiously, if you decide to purchase a replacement device from anywhere other than a cellular service store or a website that can activate cellular service, you’re not covered, either. You can see the full list of no-gos in part D of the program benefits guide.

Here’s the list of cards with Cell Phone Protection:

  • Centurion Card
  • Business Centurion Card
  • Delta Reserve
  • Delta Reserve for Business
  • Platinum Delta SkyMiles
  • Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business
  • Platinum Card
  • Business Platinum Card
  • Platinum Card for Schwab
  • Platinum Card for Goldman Sachs
  • Platinum Card for Morgan Stanley
  • Platinum Card for Ameriprise Financial

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