May 14, 2021

EA is bringing the Battlefield first-person shooter series to mobile

Industrial Toys is working together with DICE to create a Battlefield game for mobile. This will be a standalone game, and Electronic Arts has made it clear that this mobile interpretation will be completely different from the core console and PC versions. Currently, we know the game is entering a testing phase per today’s announcement, though Battlefield’s mobile version won’t be officially released until sometime in 2022, so it’s still a long way off.

Details are still extremely light, so we don’t know much about the upcoming Battlefield mobile game, though EA has trickled out a couple of details. The company states that the game will offer a fully-fledged, skill-based experience for on-the-go play. We also know the game is in testing ahead of next year’s launch.

Sadly EA, DICE, and Industrial Toys have nothing to show right now, which isn’t uncommon for mobile games, but it sure is disappointing all the same. It’s clear today’s mobile announcement takes a backseat to the new console and PC game that was also announced today (for the upcoming holiday season), but it sure would have been nice to at least see a few screenshots of the mobile title. More details will surely be revealed as development moves forward, so stay tuned as this story is far from over.

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