April 10, 2021

Galaxy Z Fold2 picks up permanent $200 discount, plus an extra $100 off with referral

Samsung has permanently dropped the Galaxy Z Fold2’s price by $200, bringing the retail price down to “just” $1,800. I know, that’s still a lot of cash, especially for an unproven form factor, but foldables are one of those things you just have to try to understand, and this makes the best one you can buy right now a tiny bit more accessible. There’s also a cherry on top: If a friend with a Z-series foldable sends you a referral code, you can snag an extra $100 off.

Folding phones are a tough sell, even for enthusiasts. While we’ve found this latest generation of hinge and folding screen to be durable enough in our reviews, they’ve barely existed for a year at this point. Samsung’s ostensibly higher-end Z Premier customer service also hasn’t turned out to be quite as nice as we thought. But in my short time with the Z Fold2, I came away from the phone profoundly impressed. It may not be for everyone, but for productive folks on the go, it can be a game-changer.

This new price drop is permanent, but Samsung tells us you can also finagle an extra discount via a referral code from someone else with a Z-series foldable. The purchaser gets $100 off, the referrer gets $100 in credit. If you are interested but don’t happen to have any friends with the phones, you can use our code (5D8MUCVTEI). Full disclosure: It’s my code, and I’ll probably use any credit earned to replace the Z Fold2 I had to send back after our review.

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