April 11, 2021

Get Aukey’s eensy weensy 20W USB-C wall charger for $7 ($6 off)

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Would you rather carry a smaller wall charger than you are right now? Can’t compromise on speed? You should probably grab Aukey’s 20W Minima USB-C charger right now for an insanely low price.

If one port and 20W is all you need, but you’d really like to cut down on space at the outlet strip or in your backpack, consider that the Minima is 36 x 36 x 30 mm around (not even an inch and a half on any side). It’s also USB Power Delivery compliant, meaning that if you don’t have an iPhone, you’ll still be charging at near its full capacity anyways.

Usually selling for $13 these days, Prime members can take advantage of both a special $9 price plus an extra on-page coupon saving them 22% and bringing the pre-tax price down to just $7.

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