May 14, 2021

Get Samsung’s best earbuds for almost half off by going refurbished

Samsung’s emerged as a leader in the true wireless earbuds space with a series of great offerings under the Galaxy Buds name. The company’s latest, the Galaxy Buds Pro, are its best sounding yet, and offer noise canceling that’s more effective than that in the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live. If you’re okay with buying a refurbished pair, you can save 90 bucks today at Best Buy.

The Buds Pro ditched the Buds Live’s strange bean-like shape, which caused fit and sound isolation issues for a lot of users. They also sound great: in his review, David said that the “Buds Pro pack a punchy mid-range compared to most TWEs I’ve tried, and clarity and soundstage are really pleasant.”

You can get a pair for $110 today. That price is only available on the silver model, and units are refurbished — but those seem like fair concessions to save 45 percent. Hit the link below to grab a pair.

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