June 23, 2021

Google announces bold new changes to Chrome OS release cycle

Chrome has been rapidly evolving over the last decade, giving users peace of mind by delivering stability, security, and speed via frequent updates. Thanks to an improved internal testing and rollout process, it became clear to Google that it should kick Chrome’s update frequency into high gear. Some people weren’t sure if the new release strategy will also apply to Chrome OS — it looks like we got our answer today. 

In a blog post this morning, Google announced plans to increase its update cadence for Chromebooks. Like Chrome, its operating system will now also follow a four-week Stable channel before moving to the next major milestone release. Google will deliver fresh features more rapidly to Chromebooks starting with Chrome OS 96 — all while keeping it stable, secure, and speedy.

To adapt to the rigorous update release schedule, Google will skip Chrome OS 95, which will help it bridge the gap between M94 and Chrome’s new four-week rollout strategy. Enterprise and education folks can opt enroll in an Extended Stable option for Chromebooks, which will update every 6 months.

In light of the new rollout strategy, Google updated its documentation and pushed an update to its release calendar. The company will share plans about the choices Chrome OS administrators will have for milestone updates “in the coming months.”

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