March 3, 2021

Google Assistant can help you manage your phone’s battery life, even remotely

Google Assistant is useful beyond answering run-of-the-mill questions about the weather or helping set alarms and timers. You can ask it to make restaurant reservations, schedule lights on or off, or tell how much you slept last night. Of late, it has picked up yet another ability, which lets you manage your phone’s battery life remotely.

You can simply ask it “What’s my phone battery level” on your Google Nest Hub — or just any other Google Assistant-supported device — and it will reply with the percentage left. This comes in handy if you don’t know where the phone is but want to know if it needs a quick charge before you get ready to leave. What’s more useful is that in case your battery’s low, you can even ask Assistant to switch on battery-saving mode. We’ve tried this out, and it works on non-Pixel Android phones as well.

You can now even include the “Tell me if my phone battery is low” action in any of your Assistant Routines. This action is customizable in that you can set the battery level below which Assistant will give you the low battery warning. If you’re the anxious type (high five), you can even set the slider to 100%. I’ve included this action in my Good morning routine to remind myself to top up my phone at the start of the day.


This Google Assistant ability doesn’t seem to be particularly new, but it’s surely worth pointing out in case you haven’t discovered it yet. It’s also worth noting that this works only with Android phones at the moment.

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