August 2, 2021

Google Pay adds support for Coinbase, to the joy of crypto edgelords everywhere

Google Pay: Convenient, accessible, an utter joy to use. Cryptocurrency: pretty much the exact opposite of all those things. Of course, despite those setbacks, there are a still a ton of reasons to be excited about crypto, from its use as an investment security to its decentralized nature. That’s led companies like Coinbase to come up with solutions designed to streamline access to these finances, including its crypto-backed Visa debit card. Now Google Pay’s getting in on the action, as it adds support for the Coinbase Card.

Right now, availability is only just beginning to get underway. The Coinbase Card itself has a waitlist, so the first step is getting signed up there. The nice thing about going this Google Pay route (Apple Pay is also supported) is that once you’re off that list, you don’t have wait for the physical card to be sent to you — you can get started with mobile payments straight away.

When you do start using it with Pay, it’ll work just like purchases made with the actual Card — including your choice of crypto cash-back bonuses. Access is limited to users in the US, with the notable exception of Hawaii — sorry, tropical crypto fans. Coinbase supports a wide number of cryptocurrencies (almost certainly more than you knew existed) and charges a 2.5% fee on crypto-backed transactions with the Card.

Google Pay: A safe & helpful way to manage money
Google Pay: A safe & helpful way to manage money

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