April 10, 2021

Google’s giving you yet one more chance to snag a Nest Detect for your home security system

Google’s library of Nest devices is more expansive than it’s ever been, but not every gadget has been a hit. One product line that didn’t manage to go anywhere: Nest Secure, a basic security system that used motion detection to trigger alerts whenever doors or windows are opened. Google confirmed Secure was discontinued back in October, but now a new batch of Nest Detect sensors are back in stock.

Available for $49, each Nest Detect gives you one sensor and magnet combo, with two included brackets for mounting flat or on a corner. You’ll need to pair it with a Nest Secure that you already own since Google isn’t restocking the security system itself. This new set is part of the final batch of detectors promised last year, following an initial restock back in March.

You can grab the Detect from Google’s website here. Nest Secure can support up to 30 Detects placed around a house, so if you want to go crazy with motion sensors, now might be your last chance to do it.

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