September 26, 2021

Google’s Phone app is next in line for a Material You redesign

Google has updated so many of its apps to fit Material You guidelines, it’s getting hard to keep track. While Contacts got a facelift a few weeks ago, its matching dialer app had yet to see the same attention. With the release of a new beta, that’s finally changing.

Phone by Google version 70 just dropped on the Play Store for beta testers, and on some select devices running Android 12, it includes a fresh look to match all of your other already-updated Material You apps (via 9to5Google). The floating action button is now a squircle (yes, unfortunately, that’s the word), just as we saw in the Contacts update back in July. The app’s colors now match your wallpaper, actually reducing the amount of white space in the app. Meanwhile, the call button on the dialer now matches with the other FABs, replacing the pill-shaped button from the previous design.

Unlike some of the other Material You changes we’ve seen, this one’s pretty minor. Since this is still in beta, we may see additional changes before the app reaches all users. Likewise, 9to5Google’s screenshots feature some slight differences when compared to ours, so Google may be testing out multiple design options before committing to a final change.

This new look seems tied to a server-side update, but if you want to try your luck, make sure you’re running the latest beta version from APK Mirror.

Phone by Google
Phone by Google

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