How do you play mobile games — if you do at all?

Folks big into PC or console gaming might poke fun at mobile titles, but the numbers aren’t in their favor. Over half of global gaming revenue right now comes from smartphones. It’s such a big business that there’s a whole sub-market of gaming-oriented Android phones that add extra features to improve the experience, like mappable capacitive triggers and improved cooling. But you don’t need a gaming phone to play games on the go. There are Bluetooth controllers, accessories, and even the touchscreen on your phone itself. So how do you play games on the go — as in, do you use a controller, a specific gaming phone, or just your touchscreen?

For some of us, this question will be a non-starter. I don’t actually play almost any games on my phone anymore. Part of that is frustration at the average quality of titles and their controls, but by far, the biggest impediment is a simple lack of time.

But smartphone-based gaming is big business, and most of our readers probably do enjoy a bit of mobile gaming. And in the case of many titles, you have a choice when it comes to controls. Some games are nicer with an external controller or something like the Razer Kishi; others are simple enough that a mere touchscreen will do.

On top of that, you might use a portable console. It’s a little less mainstream, but there are a handful of Android-powered devices, and even the Nintendo Switch, which you can toss Android on if you wanna.

So, what do you use — if you use anything at all? Feel free to select all that apply when it comes to your mobile gaming habits.

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