September 27, 2021

Instagram is back online following hours-long outage in parts of the world

Instagram was for many people in parts of the world over night, with an influx of reports coming from India (via India Today). Many people took to Twitter to say that the Instagram app on Android and iOS app wasn’t accessible for them. WhatsApp and Facebook were still up and running, so it doesn’t seem like all of Facebook was affected by the problems.

Down Detector’s stats in CET time.

According to Down Detector, the issues first arose for many at about 10 or 11 pm PT, and have since been resolved. It looks like the US was mostly spared from the problems. Judging from the tweets popping up on Twitter under #instagramdown, the outage mostly affected India. Incidentally, my colleagues in the US who were up at the time could access the social network just fine, and so could I in Germany.

Instagram has yet to publish a statement or acknowledge the issue, but with the service already restored, it’s unclear if the company will even have anything to share.


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