September 26, 2021

LineageOS 18.1 comes to a bunch of phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, and more

LineageOS 18.1 has been with us for some time now. I’ve always liked the LineageOS project a lot, starting back from the days when its predecessor, CyanogenMod, was still a thing. It allowed you to take almost any Android phone, new or old, and get it running a clean version of the latest flavor of Android. Now LineageOS 18.1 is landing for a handful of new Android smartphones, including devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, and BG.

We’re mostly looking at devices picking up 18.1 here, but we do also have news of one removal: the venerable OnePlus 2 has been delisted — bad news for those of you that are still too stubborn to upgrade from their “2016 flagship killer” well into the tail end of 2021.





Note that some links will return an error message saying that “this device has no available builds.” Builds should start rolling out for those devices in the next few days or weeks. Some of these phones received a bump from LineageOS 17.1 (based on Android 10) to LineageOS 18.1 (based on Android 11), while others (like the Galaxy M20) are completely new to the roster of LineageOS-compatible devices.

Interested? Be sure to look up specific instructions for your device, but you’ll most certainly need a build of the TWRP custom recovery (which you can grab here if it’s officially available for your device), and some Gapps if you want your phone to, you know, actually work properly. That is, unless you’re one of those people who are all about that FOSS life and can accept a Gapps-less existence and broken notifications, in which case: mad props to you.

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