May 15, 2021

Microsoft Edge Dev joins stable and Canary options on the Play Store

Microsoft is really fleshing out its mobile browser options. Last month the company published a Canary build of Edge to the Play Store, and it’s following up with a Dev build today. That’s three out of four of the release channels available as an Android version … oddly, the Beta channel has yet to make its way onto the platform.

The Dev build is newer than Canary, but not as new as the Beta or standard release versions. On the desktop Microsoft updates the Canary build every day and the Dev build every week, and the Android app descriptions say it’s carrying over the same changes to the mobile versions. So Dev will likely be a considerably better option for users who want the latest features, without seeing so many bugs that the browser becomes unusable on a semi-regular basis.

Microsoft doesn’t publish the big changes for the faster daily and weekly builds in the Play Store, but you can find release notes on the official Edge developer community site. The update for this week’s desktop release is 92.0.873.1, but the Android version is slightly older, 91.0.864.11, which added more options for printing and a prompt for closing multiple tabs at once, among other things.

Edge Dev is a free download for Android 5.0 or later, and it’s available on APK Mirror as well. We’ll keep an eye out for the Beta channel to complete the fearsome foursome.

Microsoft Edge Dev
Microsoft Edge Dev

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