September 26, 2021

More than half of our readers haven’t been affected by recent Android bugs

Source: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti / Unsplash

Over the holiday weekend, we asked our readers if they’d been experiencing any problems, issues, or bugs with their version of Android; be that the beta of Android 12 or whatever their Android phone happens to be running right now. Some of these included an issue with RCS messages not sending properly, while others included a strange alarm clock bug.

54.7% of our readers said that they hadn’t noticed anything wrong on their phones or in their apps, which is a plurality of the respondents. However, nearly as many readers reported bug issues of some sort or another. Over 11% said they’d been having issues with the recent RCS bug, while 7% had experienced a problem with the alarm clock bug. A whopping 27% told us that they’d simply had too many bugs to keep track of recently — that’s not a good number.

Some of our followers didn’t realize the bugs that were affecting them were widespread. When reader dangerousfen discovered that their alarm wasn’t going off, they said they “thought it was something I had done until I read this article.”

Our readers reported more other frustrating bugs than the alarm issue. For example, reader smabney said that their “Pixel 3XL has started with a “System UI not responding,” which comes at the same time as a wifi drop. Rebooting gets me back in business, but the problem comes back in a day or two. If I’m using a dark screen, I also see a pop-up message that flashes too quick to read but looks like the System UI message shape.”

Our poll is closed now, but we’d still love to hear from you. Have you been experiencing an unusual number of Android bugs recently?

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