April 10, 2021

Oh good, soon Aunt Gladys can share all her Grand Canyon pics with you, right from her Nest Hub

Google’s Nest Hub makes it easy to display all of those photos sitting unseen on your phone. It takes digital photo frames to a whole new level, especially considering the enhancements Google Photos can bring to your collection. Photo sharing from any Nest Hub device has been possible for years, but a new interface is coming soon that streamlines the experience.

Sharing photos from a Nest Hub previously allowed you to select a single photo to send to one of your contacts, but with this improved version, you can make multiple selections to send to a friend or family member. Once the update ships, you’ll be able to say “share my photos” to open an all-new menu, where recently-displayed photos can be selected using the touchscreen. After you’ve sent your chosen images, your recipient will receive a Google Photos link on their phone.


There’s no word on exactly when Google’s new interface will actually show up on Nest Hubs or if it’s coming to third-party Smart Displays from companies like Lenovo and JBL. You can check out the feature in action in the embedded video above.

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