September 26, 2021

Samsung Internet Beta 16 adds updated search in URL bar and blocks tracking pixels

Did you know that there are tiny, invisible pixels hidden on a lot of websites, nefariously tracking your every movement across the web? Well there are. It’s not really dangerous, just kind of rude and annoying. The newest version of Samsung’s Android browser, one of the few tools that it shares with the rest of the Android world, detects and blocks this practice. So sayeth the changelog!

The version 16 beta also redoes the visual interface of searching from the URL bar. Previously it used a Chrome-style drop-down for search suggestions and recently-visited URLs, but now it has a series of easily-tappable oval keywords. Whether it’s an improvement or not seems like more of a matter of taste than anything else — the “find in page” shortcut is gone, which seems like a downgrade.

Left: current stable search. Right: Beta 16

The beta version of Samsung Internet is up on the Play Store, but it’s guaranteed to be the latest release. If you want to skip the line, hop on over to APK Mirror and download version 16.0.1.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta
Samsung Internet Browser Beta

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