September 27, 2021

Samsung says it will get around to fixing the Galaxy S21’s Android Auto issues in September

The Galaxy S21 might be one of the most capable phones around, but that doesn’t make it perfect. Samsung’s high-profile flagship has been facing a series of unfortunate obstacles when it comes to Android Auto, and while Samsung’s promising a fix, that’s still well over a month away.

It seems that when using Android Auto, these phones become super-finicky about what USB cable they’re using, refusing to connect over some of them. Sadly, the issues don’t end there.

As you can see in the video above, once you find a cable that does work, performance still leaves a lot to be desired. While the laggy interface is bad enough, that’s just the start of things. If the phone is unlocked before being connected, or locked and kept locked, everything is fine. But if you unlock the phone while it’s plugged in, Android Auto will crash, and the only way to fix it is by unplugging the cable and reconnecting.

Samsung was supposed to fix the issues this month, but users who have installed the July patch are still hitting problems, and it seems the update has been pushed back to September instead. Let’s hope the company can stick to September and doesn’t delay it further.

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