September 26, 2021

Samsung’s August 2021 update arrives for the Galaxy S10 series and the Galaxy S20 on T-Mobile

Every month Samsung continues to impress with its commitment to timely security updates. Right now, the August 2021 security patch is rolling out to a number of high-profile Galaxy phones in the US, less than a week behind international models.

So far the update is available for the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra on all three major carriers, as well as the unlocked S20 and Note20 series and several A-series phones. It contains the usual bug fixes and security improvements. We’ll keep this post updated as other phones receive the August patch.

Galaxy S9 series

  • Verizon
    • Galaxy S9: QP1A.190711.020.G960USQS9FUG2, released August 13th
    • Galaxy S9+: QP1A.190711.020.G965USQS9FUG2, released August 13th
  • T-Mobile
    • Galaxy S9: G960USQS9FUG2, available August 14th

Galaxy S10 series

  • Comcast Xfinity
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
    • Galaxy S10e: RP1A.200720.012.G970USQU6GUH4, released August 31st
    • Galaxy S10: RP1A.200720.012.G973USQU6GUH4, released August 31st
    • Galaxy S10+: RP1A.200720.012.G975USQU6GUH4, released August 31st
    • Galaxy S10 5G: RP1A.200720.012.G977UVRS7FUG6, released August 25th

Galaxy S20 series

  • T-Mobile
  •  Unlocked
  • Verizon
    • Galaxy S20 FE 5G: RP1A.200720.012.G781VSQU4DUG6, released August 13th
    • Galaxy S20: RP1A.200720.012. G981VSQU2DUH1, released August 25th
    • Galaxy S20+: RP1A.200720.012.G986USQU2DUH1, released August 25th
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra: RP1A.200720.012.G988USQU2DUH1, released August 25th

Galaxy S21 series

  • AT&T
    • Galaxy S21: N991USQU4AUGQ, released August 19th
    • Galaxy S21+: N996USQU4AUGQ, released August 19th
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra: N998USQU4AUGQ, released August 19th
  • T-Mobile
  •  Unlocked
  •  Verizon
    • Galaxy S21: RP1A.200720.012.G991USQU4AUGE, released August 4th
    • Galaxy S21+: RP1A.200720.012.G996USQU4AUGE, released August 4th
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra: RP1A.200720.012.G998USQU4AUGE, released August 4th

Galaxy Note9

  • Verizon
    • Galaxy Note9: QP1A.190711.020.N960USQS9FUG2, released August 11th

Galaxy Note10 series

Galaxy Note20 series

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Unlocked
  • Verizon

Galaxy A series

  • Verizon
    • Galaxy A01: RP1A.200720.012.A015VVRU5BUG3, released August 31st
    • Galaxy A21: QP1A.190711.020.A215USQS5AUG5, released August 30th
    • Galaxy A50: RP1A.200720.012.A505USQSEDUG3, released August 5th
    • Galaxy A51: RP1A.200720.012.A515USQS7CUG2, released August 17th
    • Galaxy A71 5G: RP1A.200720.012.A716VSQU4DUG3, released August 18th
  • T-Mobile

Galaxy Z series

Galaxy tablets

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
    • Galaxy Tab S6: RP1A.200720.012.T867VVRS5CUG1, released August 17th

September patch hit some international devices, a ton of Samsung’s phones in the US received their August updates. This includes the entire Galaxy S10 series on Verizon, the Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra on T-Mobile, the Note20 series on AT&T and T-Mobile, and more.

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