October 21, 2021

Square Enix brings Actraiser to the Play Store with a remastered take on the Super Nintendo classic

Square Enix released Actraiser Renaissance during a recent Nintendo Direct, surprising everyone since this remaster was also revealed for the first time during the Direct release announcement. Great news for Nintendo Switch owners, but even more surprising, Square has launched the game on just about every platform, including Android, which means Actraiser Renaissance is now available on the Google Play Store.


The above trailer offers a quick look at what the remaster version of Actraiser has to offers. The 2D graphics have been touched up for HD devices. There are also new stories to explore, 15 new music tracks to jam out to, plus new stages, a new realm, and new bosses. Cloud-saves are supported, along with physical controllers, though the framerate is capped at 30FPS for some reason.

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Actraiser is an old SNES game, so Actraiser Renaissance still has some rough edges despite the fact it’s a remaster, but if you’re a fan of the game, then you should know what to expect. It’s a quirky title that a single genre can’t pin down. While the $19.99 price tag is going to be tough to swallow, the game retails for $29.99 on both Steam and the Switch store, so the mobile port appears to be the cheapest option available, and thanks to the included controller support, the game is very playable on a phone. So if you’d like to snag a copy, you can purchase the game through the Play Store widget below.

Actraiser Renaissance
Actraiser Renaissance

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