The new Disney Star service isn’t for kids

disney plus star

Update: February 23, 2021 – We have updated this article with the info on the new Disney Star brand that is now available to Disney Plus subscribers internationally.

  • Disney Star, the new “mature” section of Disney Plus, is now live in markets outside the US.
  • The Star brand is available in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.
  • The Star Plus service will launch as a stand-alone brand in other countries.

Disney has now added more adult content to its Disney Plus streaming service internationally. First announced as part of its investor day in December 2020,  The Disney Star brand is now live. It is integrated into its Disney Plus service in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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Star is meant to offer content owned or purchased by Disney that has a more mature bent, including many movies and shows from its 20th Century Studios library. It will also offer local content and sports via ESPN. Because of this new addition, the price of Disney Plus is going up to €8.99 a month in Europe and to $8.99 CAN in Canada. Star will be launched as part of Disney Plus later in 2021 in Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

In June 2021, Star Plus will be launched in Latin America. It will be a stand-alone app and will include local content and content from ESPN and ESPN Plus from those countries.

In the US, Disney will continue to offer more mature movie and TV content via its separate Hulu streaming service. Much of Hulu’s original content will be shown as part of the Disney Star section of Disney Plus.

Along with the new Star brand comes new updates for Disney Plus parental controls, which are available both internationally and for US subscribers. They include the ability to add PIN numbers to profiles, along with a way to restrict content based on specific ratings for profiles

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