September 26, 2021

You can save $400 on a Galaxy Z Flip3 if you’re willing to give Boost Mobile a try

Pre-orders for Samsung’s most affordable foldable smartphone yet are over, but the deals screaming out at us about free Galaxy Z Flip3 devices are still fresh in our minds. If you’re willing to make some compromises, though, you can get a Flip3 for just $600 right now. No kidding.

The catch is that we’re talking about Dish-owned prepaid carrier Boost Mobile — formerly a T-Mobile MVNO, currently an AT&T MVNO, but will likely have to stand on its own 5G network in the future. That means Boost will be keen to grow its user base in order to fund its cellular build-out.

That means performing some eye-catching stunts like this one: offering the Galaxy Z Flip3 (our glowing review can be found here) for $400 off MSRP at $600. That’s pretty amazing for a discount right out of the gate and it applies to any customer.

So, where are the catches? Well, Boost does not offer device financing, so you’ll either have to pay the full amount with your debit or credit card or through PayPal. Then there’s the fact your device is locked to Boost for at least 12 months after activation, so you can’t just buy the phone and then jump ship to another carrier.

At the end of the day, though, if you’re willing to get second-string priority on AT&T’s network for a year, you can save big on a piece of the future.

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