September 27, 2021

Your Fitbit watch can now tell you if you’re snoring too much

Snoring is more than an annoyance for whoever sleeps in the same room as you: it can be an indicator of some serious health issues like sleep apnea. That’s why Fitbit has been working on adding snoring detection to its suite of sleep monitoring systems. The Google subsidiary has been preparing snoring detection (and the noise level thereof) since the summer at the very least, and it’s now rolling out via a software update to the app and devices.

Snore & Noise Detect works on the Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense, using the devices’ built-in microphones. And unfortunately, it also requires a Fitbit Premium subscription at $10 a month to use it. The feature can differentiate between none/mild snoring, moderate snoring (10 to 40% of your time spent asleep), or frequent (more than 40%). While the watches are smart enough to differentiate snoring from other noises in the environment, they can’t isolate individual sleepers. So if you sleep in a bed with more than one snorer, you might have to have a few awkward conversations.

9to5Google spotted the new options in the Fitbit app’s sleep page, where Versa 3 and Sense owners must opt-in to the new tools. Again, you only get access to them if you’re paying for Fitbit Premium (or if you sign up for a trial). Since using the microphone for hours at a time is battery-intensive, Fitbit recommends that your watch be at 40% charge or better before you hit the sack.


Image credit: Kampus Production

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