YouTube Music’s widget looks next in line for a Material You revamp

Ahead of the public release of Android 12, Google is seemingly giving every app it can a Material You makeover. After Google Phone, Calculator, and Clock, the big G has now turned its attention to YouTube Music and is working on a Material You widget revamp for it.

When there’s no music playing, the new widget shows the YT Music logo right at the center along with the play/pause and thumbs-up buttons at diagonal corners. Both buttons feature dynamic color support, coordinating with the wallpaper used.

Presumably, the widget will also change its hue depending on album art. While not in a functional state, tapping the widget should open the YouTube Music app.

Images via 9to5Google

As detailed by 9to5Google, the Material You-inspired YouTube Music widget with its 3×3 layout is quite big. Its size can be further increased, but a smaller layout is missing. Hopefully Google could be working on additional Material You-themed YouTube Music widgets, since the 3×3 widget previewed above feels a little big for many users.

YouTube Music currently offers a 4×1 widget that can be resized up to 5×2. A Material You revamp for it may be in the cards, as well. Apart from widgets, the YouTube Music app itself could also find itself picking up a Material You makeover like other Google apps in recent weeks — time will tell.

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