Automotive News Top 150 dealership groups: Consolidation continued in 2020

McLarty Automotive was among the largest gainers in store count last year, having added seven dealerships in 2020 for a total of 38 stores by year end. That put it in fourth place, tied with Swickard Auto Group, for groups with the highest number of stores added in 2020.

Lithia Motors topped that list, adding 21 stores to finish the year with 209. It was followed by DARCARS Automotive Group, which added 14 for a total of 39, and RFJ Auto Partners Holdings, which added 13 for a total of 38.

In addition to the Asbury deal, McLarty near the end of 2020 bought a Kia store in Missouri from Morgan Automotive Group.

Morgan Automotive went on its own shopping spree in 2020, adding six stores to finish the year with 45. CEO Brett Morgan said the COVID-19 outbreak briefly took the wind out of the group’s sails. Before the pandemic, “we were crushing it,” he said.

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