BMW takes another step on BEV mission with iX, i4

The grille is bookended by the slimmest headlight units on a series production BMW. Daytime driving lights, with integrated turn signals, have a new design as two-dimensional strips along the upper edge of headlights.

The dashboard is anchored by a free-standing curved display that combines a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and the center 14.9-inch control display to form a single unit angled toward the driver. With a magnesium housing and a frameless, single-piece glass surface, the display uses anti-reflective glass to eliminate the binnacle typically used to shield the readouts from sunlight. A head-up display projector is flush-fitted into the instrument panel without a frame, which allows it to be hidden from sight.

The iX is the first model from BMW Group to be fitted with a hexagonal, track-inspired steering wheel, which the automaker said gives the driver a better view of the section of the curved display positioned behind the steering wheel.

The iX comes loaded with tech, including 5G cellular connection, an advanced driver-assistance system and 200-kilowatt fast charging capability.

The EV’s computer can process 20 times the data volume of previous models. That increase sets the iX up to achieve a higher level of automated driving when artificial intelligence needed to handle the task is ready to be deployed in customer vehicles.

The iX is designed for the social media generation. An overhead interior camera allows occupants to take snapshots during a journey. To ensure only pleasant memories are captured, the camera can be set to “only take a photo when at least one of the occupants is smiling,” BMW said.

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