Chicago-area auto mechanics’ strike ends after employees ratify new contract

Mechanics from 56 dealerships engaged in the strike when it started. Over the course of eight weeks, several dealerships indicated they no longer wanted to be part of the NCDC. That ended up dropping the number of participating dealerships to 35 before the strike came to an end Sunday.

In an update posted to its website, Local 701 urged members who participated in the work stoppage but now have a ratified agreement to report to work Monday.

“This will help to facilitate the return-to-work process and give everyone a chance to have one meeting with their specific dealer,” the update said. “This will help ensure everyone is on the same page.”

Local 701 took issue with several previous iterations of the four-year work contract. One of the holdout arguments of the strike pertained to how stores planned to contribute to the union’s health and welfare fund.

In 2017, union members went on strike for more than seven weeks during similar contract debate with the dealerships.

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