New report illustrates Tesla’s massive lead in U.S. electric vehicle registrations in 2020

Nearly 8 out of 10 electric vehicles registered in the U.S. last year were from one particular California automaker.

You guessed it: According to new data from Experian, Tesla accounted for 79 percent of U.S. EV registrations in 2020, with 200,561 of its battery-electric vehicles registered, a 16 percent jump from 2019, when owners registered 172,438 Teslas.

All four Tesla models ranked among the top five EVs last year. The Chevrolet Bolt small hatchback had the third most U.S. registrations among electric vehicles in 2020, at 19,664. That was up 20 percent from the year before.

But the Bolt still lagged far behind the first-place Tesla Model 3 sedan, which, despite a 32 percent drop in registrations, still topped 95,000, and the second-place Tesla Model Y crossover, which logged more than 71,000 registrations in less than a full year on the market. Tesla’s Model X and Model S rounded out the top five.

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