The brand’s more premium play

The Mazda3 2.5 Turbo sedan and hatchback, which went on sale as 2021 models, also have more power and exclusive trim levels to set them apart from their non-turbo siblings. And they are targeting shoppers for premium brands.

But the CX-30 Turbo will having a much bigger audience: the growing market for young, urban buyers who aspire to an adventurous lifestyle outside of the city on weekends.

Last year, the CX-30 outsold the Mazda3 — a much more established model — for the No. 2 sales spot in the lineup.

Mazda product planners relish the opportunity to make the case for the CX-30 Turbo over German and Asian premium models. The pitch includes Mazda’s sensuous styling, careful suspension tuning for on-road and off-road, a finely crafted interior and an engine that makes 250 hp on premium gasoline.

The price is critical, too. Compared with the near-luxury competitors it’s targeting for the first time, the model is a bargain. At $31,225, including shipping, for the entry turbo model, the upscale CX-30 is several thousand dollars less than premium crossovers of a similar size.

“I honestly feel that this turbo engine makes this car clearly stand out, even among the high-dollar premium competitors,” said Jay Chen, manager of powertrain performance at Mazda North American Operations. “It has better specs and more importantly, it offers a more consistent, predictable and engaging driving experience across a broad range of uses,” Chen said during a product presentation.

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