Land your dream job with a lifetime subscription to this AI-powered CV software

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the 2021 Complete Résumé Builder Bundle is on sale for £29.01 as of July 11, saving you 98% on list price.

Having trouble making your CV stand out? Consider Rezi, the AI-powered CV software that makes it easy to create optimised CV and cover letters tailored to specific job descriptions.

The software takes advantage of today’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) — which many employers use to automatically weed through candidates — and adjusts words and phrases from your CV to make you stand out as a top applicant.

It compares keywords from specific job descriptions to the content of your CV and helps you figure out which ones to highlight or add. Plus, it can identify common errors by analysing your content in real-time. For a limited time, you can snag a lifetime subscription to Rezi as part of the 2021 Complete Résumé Builder Bundle.

Along with the AI-powered software, you’ll also get access to lots of professional templates in multiple file formats, as well as a pair of pro-taught courses to help you land your dream job. As part of the bundle, Résumé Inventor, a team of innovative designers provide 100 CV and cover letter templates for you to choose from. These templates are completely customisable — from content and colour down to font and sections — and compatible with both Windows and macOS programs.

Finally, you’ll get a pair of courses led by the award-winning MBA professor, venture capitalist, and award-winning business school professor Chris Haroun. In about eight hours of content, he’ll show you how to craft an optimised LinkedIn profile and teach you valuable interview skills that will set you apart. 

This bundle is valued at over £2,259, but you can gain access to all of the above for only £29.01 for a limited time.

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