The best consumer tech always sweats the small stuff

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There are plenty of bullshit sayings out there — they are the force that powers Facebook’s evil after all — but one of the worst is “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Yes, there are plenty of situations where this is true: if you spent all your time overanalyzing what the angry man at the vegan deli meant when he called you a “jerky boy” you’d go insane. Some things just aren’t worth the brain space to consider. (But what did he mean?)

Thing is, for every situation where “don’t sweat the small stuff” makes sense, there are a gamut of others where the phrase is about as relevant as Bon Jovi. Tell your mom I’m not sorry.

And one of those areas where, really, you should sweat the small stuff? Consumer design is one of them.

This thought hit me particularly hard this week because of two specific things crashing headfirst into my sad, lonely life. The first was the news that Apple will soon update the iPad boot screen so it’ll appear in the correct orientation. The second is I discovered that Spotify searches don’t sync across devices.