The first Apple Silicon Geekbench results are in — and they’re damn impressive

The big question surrounding this week’s launch of Apple Silicon (specifically, the M1 chip) is a simple one: will it be any good?

Of course, answering this is tough and relies on a multitude of factors, but we’ve just got our first clue that things might be heading in the right direction. Yep, I’m talking about the first ever Apple Silicon Geekbench results.

Basically, Geekbench is a benchmarking program. The software runs a series of tests and tracks how long a processor takes to complete them. These results are then turned into scores, with the higher being better.

And, damn, are the Apple Silicon Geekbench results high. Here are the results (single core / multi-core) of the base models of each machine:

To put that in perspective, all of these results would top the current overall single core processor benchmarks on Geekbench: