Up to $170 off Samsung stick and robot vacuums

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Save up to 35%: Samsung’s Labor Day sale includes sweet deals on stick vacuum bundles and robot vacuums. Savings up to $280 are available through Sept. 15.

If you can’t wait until Black Friday to have a reliable vacuum standing by, Labor Day weekend is a good time to find vacuum deals. Samsung’s Labor Day sale covers a load of household appliances — including up to 35% off its Jet stick vacuums (complete with Clean Stations for automatic emptying of the dust bin) and Jet Bot auto-emptying robot vacuums.

Here are our favorite deals:

What’s grosser than realizing how much pet hair was on your floor? Watching half of that hair miss the trash can when you attempt to dump it. Samsung’s Clean Station offers automated emptying for people who prefer manual vacuuming over robot vacuuming. Once the Jet 70 Pet has stripped your carpets and hardwoods of fur, dirt, and more, placing its dust bin over the Clean Station offers a precise emptying process where dust can’t escape.

This bundle’s discount is so big that adding the Cleaning Station is currently only $30 more than purchasing the Jet 70 Pet vacuum by itself.

Skip the cleaning and the emptying by adding a self-emptying robot vacuum to your cleaning arsenal. Samsung’s slick Jet Bot+ uses LiDar precision sensors to make and remember a map of your home, optimizing suctionf or different floor types and avoiding the zones you tell it to.

Once it’s done, the Jet Bot+ returns to its Clean Station to charge and release its dust bin directly into the dock. Then, you can enjoy several weeks of not dealing with dust before the dock itself requires emptying.

Save 13% at Samsung

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