DBrand Launches Matte Black PS5 Side Plates, Dares Sony To Sue

DBrand, known mostly for its skins and cases for mobile devices, has launched its own version of a matte black side plates for the PlayStation 5, going so far as to dare Sony to sue them over it.

Since launch fans of the PS5 have been clamoring for replacement side plates, especially after a teardown of the console revealed how easy it was to pop the side panels off. Since then, some companies have tried, but Sony has intervened–perhaps hoping to supply its own versions sometime in the future. DBrand is probably the most recognizable brand to try its hand at it, though, and its already selling like hotcakes.

The matte black side panels cost $50 (a discount from the regular $60 that they will revert to in the future) and already its first three waves of allocations have sold out. Right now, the company is taking backorders for a shipment that will go out in May, while orders for the digital-only PS5 have yet to open.

DBrand is also producing skins for the center front panel of the PS5, in case you want to rid it of its fingerprint-loving glossy finish. There are simple matte skins in neon yellow, black, and white, as well as more personalized designs to choose from. These can be included with the purchase of the side plates for $12 or bought alone for $20.

DBrand doesn’t shy away from challenging Sony to stop the sale of its products, even going as far as etching its own unique patterns into the side plates to mimic the thousands of PlayStation symbols present on Sony’s white ones. The company seems confident that these products will ship when promised, with the first batch arriving this month.

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