Download World of Pets (Norris Nuts) for PC & Android/iOS

World of Pets is role Playing game Download World of Pets (Norris Nuts) for PC & Android/iOS. World of Pets (wop) is Trending game world wide. You can download World of pets Android and iOS easily.
World of pets Norris Nuts for Windows 10, 8 7 is also available. The Norris Nuts is also known as world of pets game. You can download world of pets on pc without using any bluestacks. World of pets apk for android also available.
Collect, Hatch, and Tame loyal pets in Norris Nuts: World of Pets! A social RPG adventure game where friends set out on a quest to discover hidden secrets and explore colorful new lands!Enter a land of fantastical animals and colorful characters in World of Pets, a place to meet, play and trade with friends! Explore magical locations together, with their own Quests, Items, and Pets!
Pets start as eggs, once hatched it’s up to you to look after them so they can grow bigger! Use potions to create elemental versions of your creatures.
Customize your player and your pets, take them to new areas and take on Quests!

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