Fast 9’s Ludacris Has A Discovery+ Special Where The Goal Is To Cook Dinner For His Mom

The recently launched Discovery+ streaming service is rolling out original content, and coming soon is Luda Can’t Cook. The cooking original follows Ludacris– franchise star and a self-admitted terrible home cook–whose endgame is to be able to make an edible dinner for his mother. Is there anything more wholesome than that?

Premiering on Discovery+ on February 25, Chris Bridges–also known as Ludacris–will star on the one-hour long special. He can’t cook, and he’ll be the first one to tell you that. “I have a wife, and she does all the cooking, which is part of the reason I can’t cook because I’m lazy and whenever I’m hungry, I want to eat,” Ludacris said during a panel at the TCA winter press tour. “I don’t want to cook. It’s a timing thing because I’m so busy. My kitchen is pretty fully equipped. I just rely on her to cook everything.”

That doesn’t mean Ludacris hasn’t tried to cook in the past. “I don’t even know how to cook rice,” he admitted. “I’m gonna be honest with you guys, like if I tried to put some rice in there, it’s gonna stick to the pot.”

While his failures in the past in the kitchen may be embarrassing, he does have one dish he is ok with. “The whole ‘Luda Can’t Cook’ thing is only 99% true. I can cook tacos.”

Ludacris will dive head-first into learning how to make Indian food, a pretty complex cuisine for a first-time cook. However, the goal is to make his mom some food. “I feel like I can even get on the level and surpass my mom if I continue on this journey that I’m on right now,” Ludacris said. “And you know it’s good to see her on the show because she gets to see my skills, and you know everything that I kind of grew up with.”

Helping out Ludacris in the kitchen is none other than James Beard Award-nominated Chef Meherwan Irani, showing him the ins and outs of the kitchen. Luda Can’t Cook is executive produced by Will Packer (Girls Trip, Wendy Williams: The Movie) and will arrive to Discovery+ later this month.

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