Halo: MCC Public Flight Adds Two Maps Next Week

343 Industries has opted to delay the public flighting of its latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection update by a week in order to fix bugs. Fans can expect a lot of new content in this flight, which will be available to those in Halo Insider’s Ring 3. To help make the wait a little easier, we also have some images of the two new maps coming to Halo 3’s multiplayer.

“If all goes well in Rings 1 and 2, we plan to roll out our next public flight as early as next Thursday, February 25,” 343 Industries said in an update post. “Then we are planning in rough a week or so, an update to the flight to bring more content and features online that we are working hard on.”

The update will feature Season 6 content and some other customization options that we’ve discussed previously, such as keyboard support on Xbox systems. The biggest additions are the maps Edge and Waterfall, which both originally appeared in the Russian game Halo Online. That game is no longer available, but the maps live on.

They look like they’ll fit with the rest of Halo 3’s offerings, with one taking place in a frozen outdoor environment while the other is an indoor installation that looks like it was built by the Forerunners.

It should help to make the wait for Halo Infinite a little more bearable, as the game was delayed roughly a year in order to give the development team more time to polish it. A showcase over the summer received a mixed response, with particular criticism aimed at the lack of detail and fidelity in characters and the environments.

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