How Nintendo Gets Away With Everything

Unknown_Gamer579412m ago

Agreed. Nintendo and I go way back…but it’s like seeing an old friend fall into bad habits. Am I a better friend if I say nothing, or should I say what needs to be said because it’s what they need to hear?

Of course, I know a corporation is not, and will never be an actual friend. However, sometimes a company’s products can someone like myself, of all the good times I’ve had over the years. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to completely ignore valid criticism against them, and heck, I have criticism of my own. I love Nintendo, but the modern Nintendo isn’t all I wish they would be.

Some people on the other hand…I’ve literally seen someone call Nintendo’s lack of price drops “admirable”. Like seriously, WTF? Anti-consumerism is admirable now? Since when?

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