How Phil Spencer Changed Xbox

ABizzel17h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I mean he didn’t really. This is Microsoft’s initiative, they want more service-based subscriptions, and that’s where XBL, Windows 365, GamePass, etc… came from. People prefer financing things outside of their budget.

If Xbox was $1,500 with 600 games inlcuded, last-gen, current-gen, and pre-ordered for release, it would be sitting on shelves. But make it $500, and spread that remaining $1,000 into a $15/mo. service that gets you 300 games instantly, and adds the other 300 over 5 years and it’s an easy buy for Xbox fans.

It’s the same thing with smartphones, cars, and almost everything else we use. People would rather finance, so they can have things now, instead of paying one lump sum and being done with it, because of all the other expenses in life.

Phil didn’t come up with this, this is what the entire company at MS had decided on moving forward. Phil is just the person in charge of Xbox and thus implementing this. Now whoever came up with the concept of GmaePass and started making contracts with publishers on what games will be coming to the service, they are the ones who changed Xbox and helped Xbox.

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