Lord Of The Rings Tabletop Game Hits $1.5 Million On Kickstarter With Two Days To Go

The One Ring, a Lord of the Rings tabletop role-playing game, is crushing it on Kickstarter. With two days to go, the campaign has surpassed $1.5 million USD in funding. The game met its 100,000 SEK goal ($11,836 USD) in just four minutes. It currently stands at $1,554,054 USD at press time.

The One Ring becomes one of the most successful ever in Kickstarter’s history for a tabletop RPG. With its new funding level, Free League Publishing has confirmed another last-minute stretch goal. Should funding reach 15 million SEK ($1.78 million USD), the designers will add a solo play mode.

“If we reach this goal, acclaimed solo roleplaying game designers Shawn Tomkin (Ironsworn) and Matt Click (The Mecha Hack) will collaborate with The One Ring designer Francesco Nepitello in creating a robust framework to allow solo play,” reads a line from the Kickstarter. “This will be released to backers as a PDF some time after the main fulfilment of the campaign.”

The One Ring is the second edition of the original tabletop RPG that was released in 2011. This new edition will feature a new hardbound source book with updated and streamlined rules based on feedback from the last decade of play. It also offers redesigned visual elements for the game, with a “fresh and familiar” look at Middle-earth.

The original publisher, Cubicle 7, announced it would drop plans for a second edition in 2019. The rights were later acquired by Free League Publishing, the company behind tabletop RPGs like Alien, Forbidden Lands, and Tales from the Loop.

In terms of Lord of the Rings video games, a new game based on Gollum is in the works, as well as a new Lord of the Rings MMO from Amazon.

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