Outriders Hands-On Impressions 10 Hours In (PS5) – PlayStation Universe

From PSU: Outriders has definitely left a better impression than the demo did. Offering more varied environments and upping the intrigue of the story has kept me invested early on and I expect some more reveals to happen along the way, refreshing that intrigue.

Despite not looking like a next-gen game, the combat is its strongest asset and so far it has been a blast to run around and demolish foes and monsters at every turn. The crunchy and satisfying action and visceral-feeling abilities offer a lot of variety and customisation seems to be vast.

I am excited to see just what Outriders holds deeper into the experience and just how it is set to evolve. But, right now it is hitting the mark in a lot of areas and might become something I replay over and over again because the core loop is just that good.

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