PlayStation Now: Borderlands 3 & Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Upgrade Needs Payment

Silly gameAr4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I’m not really big on PSNow, but I heard from a friend that I’ve been playing with for years that we won’t be able to download games and shit that we bought on the PS3, and not just the browser and mobile. I was about to go apeshit.

Luckily I decided google again, and you are still able to download from PS3 and vita, and he was getting his info from idiots online. I guess this mis info crap is working, and people really don’t know what Sony are doing because Sony needs to open their damn mouths and set shit straight.

Anyway, still don’t give a damn about PS now, or the PS4/5 crap myself, but that’s me. PSnow has been around for almost 11 years. Had to check myself, but it’s been here since 2010. I don’t want sony to sink all of their money into PSnow, just to compete with Givepass.

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