Pokemon Sword And Shield Players Can Claim A Free Special Pikachu This Month

The Pokemon Company is celebrating the series’ 25th anniversary with a free Pokemon for Sword and Shield players. Beginning February 25, players will be able to claim a free Pikachu. What makes this particular Pikachu special is that it knows Sing, a move that it normally cannot learn in the games.

You’ll be able to claim this free Pikachu via a special password that will be revealed on Pokemon’s official website and other social media channels. The password will also be distributed through the Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter. Additional details about the giveaway will be announced later.

In addition to Sing, this Pikachu knows the moves Encore, Celebrate, and Electro Ball. It also comes equipped with a Light Ball and is level 25. You can read more about the free Pikachu on the Pokemon 25th anniversary website.

This isn’t the only freebie Sword and Shield players can claim this month. As a reward for defeating more than 1 million Cramorant during the games’ recent Max Raid event, The Pokemon Company is giving away a free item bundle until February 28. The bundle includes one Flame Orb, one Toxic Orb, one Gold Bottle Cap, and a few other valuable items.

The Pikachu giveaway is only one part of The Pokemon Company’s 25th anniversary celebration. The company also announced it is hosting a virtual concert featuring Post Malone on February 27, and it teases that there will be “loads of events, promotions, and more throughout the year.”

Not all recent news has been positive, however. The Pokemon Company recently announced it is canceling the Pokemon World Championships 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The competition is now set to return in 2022. Scalpers are also ruining McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meal promotion. Other Pokemon TCG products are in short supply as well due to scalpers, but The Pokemon Company announced it will reprint Pokemon cards to combat supply issues.

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