Seven Years In, Phil Spencer Has Succeeded Immensely In Helping Xbox Turn Things Around

RazzerRedux7h ago

I don’t always agree with Phil Spencer. Often times, he gets on a soapbox and preaches too much and can be hypocritical occasionally. And his commitment to first party games came about 4 years too late. Those are my main gripes.

Having said all that, gaming at Microsoft is undoubtedly in a better position with Phil Spencer than without him. And most of that has nothing to do with Xbox consoles. Xbox Series X|S is definitely better now than the shitshow called “Xbox One”, but Spencer has done more to push PC gaming to the forefront at Microsoft than he what he has done for Xbox consoles. You could barely find a Microsoft game on Steam before Phil Spencer and now every single new game coming from XGS will be on PC and Steam day one and PC has its own version of Game Pass. Spencer made good moves for Xbox consoles, but he made giant strides for Microsoft games on PC. The omnipresent selection of Microsoft games on the Steam top sellers list is proof of that.

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