Shudder Announces New Black Horror Anthology Series

AMC and its horror streaming service Shudder have announced that they are making a new anthology series that will showcase horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters. The series doesn’t have a title yet but it will arrive later this year.

The announcement came prior to the AMC Networks TCA winter press tour presentation. The new show will debut on Shudder and the company’s premium streaming bundle AMC+, before being made available on regular AMC. The series will tell Black horror stories from both established and new writers and directors, and follows Shudder’s highly acclaimed Black horror documentary Horror Noire.

The company has announced some of the writers attached to the project. They include Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Ezra C. Daniels, Victor LaValle, and Al Letson. Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, who wrote the book Horror Noire, on which the documentary was based, will work as a consultant on the show.

In a statement, Shudder General Manager Craig Engler said, “When we saw the first cut of our Horror Noire documentary, we realized there was a huge untapped reservoir of great Black horror stories that needed to be told, and an extremely talented group of writers and directors ready to tell them. While the documentary was a look back at the history of Black horror, this anthology is a showcase for the future and will introduce audiences to fantastic new stories and characters.”

The Black horror series isn’t the only anthology show that Shudder has announced this week. The company also confirmed that Creepshow Season 3 will start production shortly, with Season 2 set to premiere in April. Season 3 will also be released later this year.

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