Sony claims it was MLB’s decision to put its baseball game on Xbox Game Pass

ApocalypseShadow36m ago(Edited 33m ago)

Sony should have been ready for sucker moves like this from the MLB double dipping greed and Microsoft’s push to make a subscription service their bread and butter by putting games on there day one.

Sony’s needs to counter going forward by showing their advantage and differences even with someone else’s license. Microsoft clearly is. Typically, Sony wants certain extras that differ from other consoles. They could have clearly asked Sony San Diego to put in features like VR or a VR Mode that can’t be offered on Xbox. Make more sales and revenue. Next years version had better have it for PSVR 2. And make it the official console in competitions online. Or, offer VR on PS5 and Steam. Or, by buying PlayStation, you get a free copy of Mark of Kri or something.

Microsoft would either have to counter by offering VR as well or lose out. But advantages need to be thought about going forward. Same with Microsoft and Bethesda. You know if their games still come to PS5, Microsoft is going to look for advantages.

Sony needs to start thinking more.

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