21 best tweets of the week, including Flo Rida, Babu Frik, and George Washington's Dorito back

Seems like a second ago it was the Fourth of July holiday weekend and, wow, would you look at that? It’s Friday again.

Goodness. Time. Can’t slow that sucker, huh?

But around here we celebrate Fridays with our favorite tweets. Why? Because it’s nice to laugh a little before the weekend and it’s also just sort of what we do now.

OK, so enjoy, the 21 best tweets of the week.

1. First things first, the world’s biggest Flo Rida fan

2. A Fourth of July reminder

3. “…the man with the widest last spread in America. Dude’s back was shaped like a Dorito.”

4. Just looking into my future as a Content Creator

5. Don’t want to be caught with no supply of Babu Friks

6. My Life

7. Dang. Deep.

8. This tweet is doing violence against all of us

9. Football. Smack barm. Pey wet. Things of that nature.

10. A frugal king

11. …It really…really did predict it

12. The ultimate American experience

13. *ASMR* Using My Frog Telephone To Call My Divorced Wife

14. Gorgeous art for your pleasure

15. Obligatory dril tweet

16. OK, burns aside, this sounds like a lovely day

17. No offense, but I would turn the senator’s knees to jello with my crossover

18. Gorgeous

19. Pspspsps

20. One of life’s great mysteries

21. And finally, this

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