Our picks from Breville to Cuisinart

Cooking veggies the right way can sometimes be tricky. You can grill or bake them, but it has to be done just right so as not to burn or ruin the entire dish. That’s why steam cooking is a great option for flexibility, and Cuisinart has the toaster oven to cook those veggies and more.

The CSO-300N steam oven provides professional level steam cooking, right on the counter top. As mentioned, you can use it to steam or poach those veggies to fill out your dinner, but it’s not just limited to that. Since it’s a steam oven, it will cut down cooking time by potentially 40%. It also features nine single and combo settings to bake, broil, poach, steam, etc. Of course, it will also make a mean grilled cheese if that’s more your thing. 

All you need to do is set the temperature dial to the desired temp on the digital display screen, and hit the start button or the light button to see how the food is cooking. And if you want to give it a base cleaning, it can use the steam to give the inside a once over, though you’ll still need to get the physical crumbs left behind. And at 18 x 15.5 x 10.75 in., its falls around the average size range of most toaster ovens.

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