The 10 best and funniest tweets of the week, including iPods and Nick Lachey

Is it nice where you live? I live in New York City and my goodness, how the weather has turned. We’re suddenly in shorts and t-shirt weather, folks, and not a moment too soon.

You know what nice weather means…that’s right…time to sit inside on your phone and read funny tweets. That’s because tweets are for all seasons, baby. Never log off. Just scroll, scroll, scroll. Forever and ever. Well guess what? Per usual, we collected the funniest and best posts of the week for your perusal.

So please enjoy, the 10 best tweets of the week.

1. OK, hear me out…close enough.

2. The “medically” killed me. I just don’t know why. But it did. Anyway, listen to this song and tell me this tweet is wrong. You cannot.

4. OK as someone on Twitter, this is offensive to me.

5.I…I thought I was the only one. This tweet was so validating.

6. RIP to this experience forever.

7. The thing is, I could see this actually happening.

8. What I tweet is between me and the interminable void of the internet. How dare you bring it into real life existence.

9. An obligatory dril tweet.

10. And finally, this tweet.

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