Tom Hiddleston talks ‘clearly superior’ Alligator Loki — and roasts his stuffed-toy stand-in

After an enormous fifth episode of Marvel’s Loki, we’ve met a bunch of new Variants of the God of Mischief, one of which is clearly the superior Loki: yes, it’s Alligator Loki, with its little horns and adorable paddling pool.

Talking to star Tom Hiddleston on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon showed an “exclusive” image of what the cast worked with on set in place of a real alligator — it’s basically a bunch of pillows thrown together in a vague gator form, googly eyes, some kind of horns, slumped in a chair.

“I mean look at him, a huge star, he’s not even getting up out of his chair,” quipped Hiddleston.

“It actually was funny because obviously he’s made [of] these three discarded cushions sewn up with some eyes on. And no offense to Alligator Loki — clearly the superior Loki — but you’d be doing a scene and you’d think OK, so we’re going to get the wide shot and then the two shot and we’ll do Owen [Wilson]’s coverage and get everyone’s close-ups and coverage and you’d think that felt like a great scene, I think we’re done, are we moving on? And we’d all sort of wrap…and somebody would say, ‘Hang on a second, we have to shoot the alligator.'”

Hiddleston also talked about his appearance on Disney+’s The Simpsons/Loki crossover special, and Fallon gives an exclusive look at Loki in Marvel’s upcoming What If…? animated series.

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